About Us

London Property Rentals repute has been built upon foundations that have been laid out over 30 years. The extent of our letting knowledge does not stop in London; for generations we have been assisting landlords in finding the best tenants all over the UK.


We have a wealth of experience working with a range of clients from bankers, diplomats, legal professionals, CEOs of international companies, expats, among others; so you can be confident that we will find you the right tenant for your property.


We believe the lettings process is crucial to get right from the onset, so we aim to work on a bespoke basis for all our clients to cater for everyone’s needs. Furthermore, our extensive client base means that you can be sure that we will find the right tenant for you in a timely manner.


At present we strive to become a leading independent letting agency specialising in central London and its surrounding areas. Honesty, integrity and determination are at the heart of our ethos and as an independent company, you can be sure that we always have the client’s best interest in mind.