About Us
Who are we?

MS Auctions is a London based auction house of both residential and commercial properties across the UK.

Our aim is to end the monopoly by major players within the property sector and diversify, providing a bespoke service to all clients.

Whether it be first-time property buyers or PLC Companies, we provide every customer with guaranteed personal service.

Why MS Auctions?

At MS Auctions we put you first. MS Auction’s vision is to end the monopoly created by major auction houses by providing you, our clients, with unbeatable personal service.

For those customers who have been sidelined by other auction houses, MS Auctions will try to ensure that their needs are not only met but, exceeded.

We can ensure that every customer is dealt with personally and given advice and assistance that best suits them. We are in constant contact with our clients throughout the whole auction process, thereby hopefully enabling a smooth journey for both vendors and buyers.

Every customer matters at MS Auctions, so come and be part of our team.

What experience do we have?

Having experienced buying and selling from over 20 auction houses, some of our assistors are sharing their expert advice and exclusive auction tactics with our clients.

Our Director has more than 25 years of experience in the property business. Due to his market experience and knowledge, we can offer our clients pricing strategy and sales advice for property throughout the UK.

Our extensive client base is one of the avenues by which we may be able to ensure sales in our auction, for properties across the UK.

What do we offer?

When selling with us we provide an extra service through sharing your property amongst our large client portfolio, ensuring the best possible results.

When buying with us, we can offer a one to one auction and consultancy service, establishing complete transparency between us and our customers.

Whether you are a Vendor or a Buyer, we can guarantee that we focus on our clients' objectives.

In addition to working with clients ranging from private investors to major institutions and local governments, we also work with receivers and administrators.

Should you have any questions or just want to find out how we can help you please contact a member of the auction team on 0797 3828 053 or by email on info@msauctions.co.uk

MS Auctions is the trading name of MS Auctions Limited (a company registered in England & Wales with company number 08566513)

Buying- clear photo ID, Proof of address x2 (utility bill, bank statement), Deposit payment, and Buyer's Fee, and solicitor’s details.