Telephone and Proxy Bidding

We provide a written proxy bid and telephone bidding service for bidders who can’t attend the auction. A form  together with the terms and conditions can be found at the end of the auction catalogue or by clicking here.


A written proxy bid is lodged with the auctioneer. This is or should be the maximum price you are prepared to pay and the auctioneer bids on your behalf up to this level at his/her sole discretion.


The telephone bidding service is subject to the availability of a member of the MS Auctions team on the auction day. Please be aware that telephone connections can be interrupted and audibility can sometimes be impaired.


Please print off and return the completed form to us along with your cheque. For some bidders a solicitor’s undertaking to transfer the deposit in the event that their proxy or telephone bid is successful is a preferred alternative to sending a cheque.


Your proxy instructions should be received by the auction department at least 24 hours before auction. Please call the auction office to confirm receipt of these.


registration form for telephone/proxy and internet bidding

Please give yourself plenty of time before the auction day to make the arrangements with us.

We would usually recommend that bidders attend the auction in person or appoint someone to attend and bid in their place. This allows bidders to be aware of last minute changes to the auction day addendum or of any announcements from the rostrum. Whilst we try to ensure there are no changes at this stage sellers do occasionally sell or withdraw the properties at the last moment or change the guide price. Attendance at the auction also gives you more control over the bids you make.


These facilities are provided for your convenience. Please read carefully the conditions under which we operate these services.


If you have any questions please Contact Us.