Buying From US
What to do before the auction? 
  1. You need to register to bid. As you can bid online and by phone, it is crucial we have carried out all AML checks. This is to ensure we have your correct information, enabling a smooth-running auction day for you and us. You can fill out this AML form by clicking here.
  2. Make arrangements to view the property, you can do this by speaking to one of our team members. 
  3. It is advised to get a survey done. This will give you details of the property’s current and potential condition and value, which will assist you in deciding whether you want to go ahead with purchasing it. 
  4. Make sure you have downloaded and read through the legal pack. This contains a legally binding contract of what you are agreeing to buy under certain terms and conditions. You should get these documents checked by your legal representative i.e. Solicitor. 
  5. Arrange finance. Either you have funds in your bank, or you will arrange finance for the completion of your purchase. You will have to pay a 10% deposit (unless otherwise specified in the t&c’s) with clear funds and a buyer’s fee of £750 +VAT if you are a successful bidder on the day of the auction. Usually, the purchase must be completed within 28 days unless specified in the special conditions. 
  6. Speak to a member of the team to put forward your interest. This will allow the auctioneers to keep you updated on any changes. You can always try and make an offer prior to the auction day, which you can discuss further with the auction team.

We may be able to assist you in arranging finances for the purchase of the property or point you in the right direction. Please speak to one of our team members for further information.

Some properties may be withdrawn prior to the auction, usually due to legal packs that have not been given to the auctioneers in time for the date of the auction.

If you call the auction team, they will be able to tell you if the property is still available, or if it will be available in the near future.

What to do on the auction day?
(All auctions will be taking place online due to the current COVID-19 Situation)

  1. If you haven’t already, make sure to register your details. You will need Buying- clear photo ID, Proof of address x2 (utility bill, bank statement), Deposit payment and Buyer's Fee, and solicitor’s details.
  2. On our website, go to the online auction page. Click the lot that you are interested in.

On the auction day, please check if there is an addendum, which will give you information on the properties sold prior to the auction and which properties have had amendments made in the contract.

What happens if I am a successful bidder?
  1. Pay a 10% deposit and buyers fee.
  2. You will be required to sign the contract.
  3. You will need to provide clear identification, proof of address, and details of your solicitors who will be acting on your behalf of the purchase. We will then send copies of the contract with a legal pack to your solicitors to liaise with the vendor's solicitors.
  4. You can then arrange for the completion funds to be sent to your solicitors, for completion on the specified date.

If you want to view the property after the auction, there will be a fee for one of our staff members to show it after the auction. Keys will be sent to you on completion.

Telephone or Proxy Bid

If you are looking to buy at auction why not come to MS Auctions to secure a residential or commercial property.


The team at MS Auctions have sold millions of pounds worth of property over the last 20 years. We hope we will be your first choice when you are looking to secure your future investment or new home.


There are four ways in which we might be able to be of service to you.

  • Sales available from the current auction

  • Unsold property from our previous auctions

  • Sales by private treaty negotiation

  • We may in certain circumstances be able to act as your agents in sourcing and securing the property of your requirements

You can stay in touch with us easily by registering your interest on our website and by subscribing to our online mailing list.


We will endeavour to send you up to date information on the properties that we are selling by auction. The results of each auction and the important updates for each property will be available online on our website.


You will also be notified of future auctions and from time to time receive some market commentary from us.




Registration brings you other benefits



You can register your interest on a selection of properties and we will send you regular updates on the properties that you have registered your interest in.

Don’t forget it is always important to receive a copy of the auction catalogue, You can either choose to receive this online or by post.

While there are many ways to place your bid there is no substitute for being present in the auction room on the auction day.


If you are wishing to buy by auction and you need our help or advice please do not hesitate to Contact us.

Guide Prices

Please note prospective purchasers and prospective sellers should note the following information on guide prices.

Guide Prices are an indication of the current level of the vendor's intention as to the reserve price (the figure below which the Auctioneer cannot sell the property).

Guide prices are subject to change, updates are available on our website and/or by telephoning the Auctioneers on 0208 99 80315.

The actual sale price whether prior to or at the auction could well vary from and is generally expected to exceed the guide price depending upon market activity.

All Guide Prices are indicative only and are generally within 10% upwards or downwards of where the reserve may be set at the time of going to print, subject to the seller’s final.