Guide Prices

Please note prospective purchasers and prospective sellers should note the following information on guide prices.


Guide Prices are an indication of the current level of the vendor's intention as to the reserve price (the figure below which the Auctioneer cannot sell the property). Guide prices are subject to change, updates are available on our website and/or by telephoning the Auctioneers on 0208 99 88 464. The actual sale price whether prior to or at the auction could well vary from and is generally expected to exceed the guide price depending upon market activity. 


All Guide Prices are indicative only and are generally within 10% upwards or downwards of where the reserve may be set at the time of going to print, subject to the seller’s final instructions. Please note they are NOT an indication of the anticipated sale price or a valuation.


The Auctioneers and sellers accept no responsibility for any loss, cost or damage that a buyer may incur as a result of relying on any guide price. It is the buyer’s responsibility to decide how much they should bid for any lot. Please check with us for regular updates as guide prices are subject to change prior to the auction.


It is the purchaser’s responsibility to assess valuation on each property and make the final decision as to where to bid.



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