Why Sell your Property with MS Auctions
A step-by-step guide to selling at auction

Selling at auction is a quick, hassle-free, and effective form of selling. The auction method has proven attractive to many sellers and buyers. Here is a step-by-step guide to selling your property with MS Auctions.

Step 1

Contact us

Please call our friendly team to discuss what type of property you wish to sell. This gives our team the vital information we need to sell your property.

Step 2

Agree on a Reserve and guide price

Once you have notified the team and they have done their checks, our experts will be able to give you the realistic price your property will be able to achieve at auction.

Once this is agreed we can then consider entering your property into our next auction. We will request additional information and then we will get to work to try and sell your property.

Step 3

Marketing your property

Once all the paperwork is behind us, we will focus on selling. We will market your property heavily across different platforms to try and get your property the best exposure.

Our team will keep you informed with regard to all the interests in your property. We also Pitch your property to already qualified experienced people used to buying properties and have got funds in place, to make such purchases.

The team should be in touch with yourselves notifying you when potential buyers wish to view the property.

Step 4

The Auction

After we have completed all of the previous steps, your property will be offered at auction.

MS Auction will invite all the interested parties, the public as well as other property professionals to bid on the lot at a public auction. This competition will hopefully result in your property being sold at the best price.

Once the hammer drops on a bidder, it becomes legally binding that they purchase your property. The bidder must put down a deposit. (check below). They will then have a short period of time to come up with the balance of the funds. Please note, we will not sell below the reserve without your consent.

Step 5

This step is successfully selling through MS Auctions.

The buyer will have a fixed period of time to complete the purchase and pay the outstanding balance of funds. Both your solicitor and the buyers solicitor will liaise with each other in order to get the purchase complete.

Buyers Fees

Online Auction

Buyers Fess: £2000.00 + VAT

Deposit: A 10% deposit of the purchase price or £3000.00 + VAT. The higher value between the two will be taken as a deposit. The balance between your deposit and purchase price will be required on completion.

Sellers Fees

Entry Fee: £200.00 + VAT

Additional fee

MS auctions pride themselves on being one of the most competitively priced auctioneers nationwide. To get you the best price, we attempt to cater to the needs of the specific property. For this reason, we would need you to contact us directly to discuss our fees.